North Cowichan to Enhance Asset Management Program

Roads, water systems, sewer systems, drainage systems, and the buildings that support these systems are a critical part of our daily lives. In order to keep them running smoothly, it's important to monitor them throughout their lifetime, conduct targeted maintenance, and plan for when replacement is required. 

This type of planning is called asset management, and North Cowichan is excited to announce receipt of $112,500.00 from the Federal Gas Tax Fund to further its asset management program. 

With this funding, North Cowichan will:

  • Develop a standard condition assessment framework;
  • Develop a corporate asset management strategy;
  • Complete individual asset management plans for core assets: roads, water, sewer, drainage, and buildings; and
  • Develop a financial policy that defines funding strategies for infrastructure investment.

This builds on the findings of a 2015 independent review, which identified opportunities to enhance North Cowichan's asset management practices. 

"Organizations that prioritize asset management make more informed decisions and are better stewards of community resources," says Mayor Jon Lefebure. "Through this project, we strive to build organizational capacity and buy-in for the incorporation of asset management across departments."  

North Cowichan's Official Community Plan commits to providing basic infrastructure to residents in a way that meets the highest standards of public health and safety, protects the environment, emphasizes conservation and is cost-effective. North Cowichan believes that a robust asset management program is the best way to achieve this vision.

Each year, the Government of Canada provides over $278 million in funding for local government infrastructure across British Columbia through the Federal Gas Tax Fund. The Union of BC Municipalities administers the Federal Gas Tax Fund in British Columbia in partnership with the Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia. 

Additional Quotes

"Improvements to local infrastructure are so important. They make our communities even better places to live," said Selina Robinson, B.C. Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing. "We are pleased to partner with local governments and the federal government to improve the daily lives of British Columbians."

Director Wendy Booth, President, Union of BC Municipalities "Communities across BC are looking for funding to replace, upgrade and expand local infrastructure. The federal Gas Tax Fund is accelerating the pace of infrastructure renewal through the transfer of close to $3 billion since 2005 for projects in our province. I appreciate the Government of Canada's long term commitment to fund priorities identified by BC local governments."


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Jon Lefebure, Mayor
Municipality of North Cowichan               
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Mark Frame, Director of Financial Services
Municipality of North Cowichan
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