Temporary Road Closures - localized flooding

9:00A.M., JANUARY 30, 2018

  • Canada Ave between Beverly Street and Sherman Road remains closed
  • Mary and Philip Streets are open, except for portion of Philip that joins Canada Ave
  • Chemainus Road at Crofton Road is open
  • Westholme Road is flooded, but may be passable

Thanks for your patience! 


6:00P.M., JANUARY 29, 2018

  • Canada Ave, Mary, Philip, and Chemainus Rd @ Crofton Rd will remain closed overnight.
  • There are no additional road closures within North Cowichan at this time.
  • The next update will be available by 9:00am on January 30.

Any urgent, after-hour & flooding-related issues within North Cowichan can be reported to 250-746-5112.


11:00A.M., JANUARY 29, 2018

Four local roads are closed due to localized flooding: 

1. Canada Avenue between the Sherman Road roundabout and Beverly Street, 

2. Mary/Philip Street between George and Islay, 

3. Chemainus Road at Crofton Road (Pinsons Corner), and

4. Westholme Road between Bell McKinnon and Nimmo Road.

Traffic controllers are in place on Canada Avenue. We will provide further updates as soon as they are available.