Category 2 Open Burning Ban Rescinded

As per section 10(2) of the Fire Protection Bylaw the present ban on Category 2 Open Burning will be rescinded for the Municipality of North Cowichan, effective at noon on September 18, 2019.

Category 2 open fire - As defined in the Wildfire Regulation (s.1); an open fire, other than a campfire, that burns:

(a) material in one pile not exceeding 2 m in height and 3 m in width,
(b) material concurrently in 2 piles each not exceeding 2 m in height and 3 m in width, or
(c) stubble or grass over an area that does not exceed 0.2 ha

Category 2 open fires as described above will be permitted, as well as the use of tiki torches, burn barrels, fireworks, and sky lanterns.

Campfire and Category 3 open fire restrictions were not implemented this year and remain open subject to the Fire Protection Bylaw requirements which can be found here.

For More Information Contact:
Mike Dunn
Local Assistant to the Fire Commissioner

Shaun Mason, RPF
Municipal Forester