Council to hold a Second Public Hearing on Motorsport Circuit Zoning Amendment Bylaw

(North Cowichan, BC) On October 25, Mayor Al Siebring, gave notice under section 131 of the Community Charter that he intended to bring back the Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit (VIMC) zoning amendment bylaw for Council’s reconsideration.  Since Council defeated the rezoning application on October 4, new information has been received that is relevant to the application.

Mayor Siebring laid out his rationale for requesting reconsideration, and the need for a second public hearing, stating he felt the ramifications of Council’s decision could have lasting implications for residents of North Cowichan. Siebring said “when we went into the first round of public hearings last month, the public was providing their input based on the information that North Cowichan was at liberty to provide [at the time]….We heard nothing from people whose property taxes might be very seriously, negatively impacted by [VIMC’s] potential lawsuit.” He continued on to explain that part of Council’s mandate was to increase public input and expressed that the public should “know all of the facts surrounding an issue when we ask them to comment on that issue.”

As a result, Council voted unanimously to hold a second public hearing before reconsidering the proposed rezoning. The hearing will be held at the Cowichan Valley Performing Arts Centre, although no date has been set at this time.

Due to Council’s previous decision to deny third reading of the zoning amendment bylaw, VIMC’s request that their Development Permit application be reconsidered will deferred until after the upcoming public hearing.

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