North Cowichan 2019 Forestry Harvesting Questions and Answers

(North Cowichan) – Growing community interest has resulted in many technical questions being asked about the harvesting taking place this year in the Municipal Forest Reserve (MFR). North Cowichan has created a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document that will continually be updated as more questions are asked by community members and answered by staff.

Earlier this month, Council decided to limit 2019 harvesting activities to salvaging some of the trees that blew down or were heavily damaged during the December 2018 windstorm, and the completion of existing contracts that have carried over from last year.

“We have exchanged a lot of detailed information with a handful of individuals, and we want to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to have their questions answered,” says Mayor Al Siebring. “We also want to ensure that these questions and answers are readily available to the community, so that all residents know exactly what the plans are for this year.”

Community members who have questions about technical aspects of 2019 harvesting activities or forestry generally can send those questions to and the FAQ document will be updated weekly to answer your questions. If you wish to express an opinion about the future management of the MFR, email

Information about the MFR, including the FAQ document, is located on the North Cowichan website: Current Topic – Municipal Forest Reserve.


For more information, please contact:

Al Siebring, Mayor
Municipality of North Cowichan
T 250.710.3416