Plans on Track for New North Cowichan/Duncan RCMP Detachment

North Cowichan has agreed in principle to proceed with plans for a new detachment on its property on Ford Road and Drinkwater Road for Municipal and Provincial police and staff. The new building will bring together the North Cowichan/Duncan Detachment, Forensic Identification Services, South Island Traffic Services, and First Nations Policing. BC RCMP is looking forward to being part of an integrated single detachment, subject to getting federal approval and authorities and signing a new Occupancy Agreement with the Municipality.

“The existing North Cowichan/Duncan Detachment is well past the end of its life,” says Mayor Al Siebring. “The building has had ongoing issues with rodents, leaking, flooding, and lack of adequate space. The Detachment was originally scheduled to be replaced in 2012, but has faced multiple delays. Council is very pleased to see the project moving forward.”

A new integrated North Cowichan/Duncan Detachment would be built by North Cowichan, and the RCMP would be billed back its portion of the costs. With an agreement in principle reached, staff are beginning to work on preliminary designs for the building to confirm estimated construction costs. The RCMP will work closely with the Municipality to develop the conceptual design to ensure the building will meet the needs of the police and citizens for the next 50 years.

Once preliminary design and estimated construction costs are confirmed, North Cowichan will seek elector assent to borrow the money to construct the building. At this time, it is anticipated that elector assent may be sought before the end of 2019, but that timing is approximate.

Along with the new Cowichan Valley Regional Hospital and the new high school, the RCMP Detachment is one of three key new facilities that are desperately needed by our communities.


Media Contact:
Al Siebring, Mayor
Municipality of North Cowichan
T 250.710.3416