Regulatory Review Repeals 52 Irrelevant Bylaws to Reduce Red Tape

(North Cowichan, BC) - Since early in 2019 staff has been busy conducting a comprehensive audit of all of North Cowichan’s bylaws to identify ones that are no longer needed. Through this process, 52 unnecessary bylaws were discovered, some of which date back to 1914.

On November 22, 2019 the Regulatory Review Committee approved a report brought forward by the Corporate Officer that recommended repealing North Cowichan’s defunct bylaws. As a result, on December 4, at the Regular Council Meeting, Bylaw 3768 was given first, second, and third reading by Council. This officially abolished 52 irrelevant, outdated, and obsolete bylaws.

Mayor Siebring – in fulfilment of a commitment made in the 2018 election campaign – appointed the Regulatory Review Standing Committee under Section 141 of the Community Charter at Council’s inaugural meeting in 2018 to reduce red tape; “I was convinced at the time that there were a number of Bylaws that were outdated or no longer serving our interests as a Municipality,” Siebring says.  “It turns out I was right. It’s great to be getting rid of things like the Wide Tires Bylaw, which made specific reference to the permissible size of wagon tires.”   

Other Bylaws that were eliminated in the repeal motion included the Fence Walkers Bylaw and another that prohibits youth and girls under 16 from entering pool halls without parental consent. “It’s a puzzle to me,” Siebring says, “why there were separate categories for youth and girls in the same Bylaw.”  Also eliminated was a Bylaw that said “no person shall ride or drive any beast at a pace exceeding six miles per hour.”

Mayor Siebring noted that “removing these unnecessary bylaws from the books is a big win, but there is still a substantial amount of bylaws in existence – 2,149 to be exact.” Mayor Siebring also said that “while the bulk of its work is done, the Regulatory Review Committee will not be disbanded in the event that other obsolete Bylaws are uncovered which may need review before the end of Council's term."  

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