Survey Results Indicate Highly Satisfied Residents

(North Cowichan, BC) – North Cowichan households were contacted this spring and asked for feedback on municipal programs and services in the municipality’s first-ever Citizen Satisfaction Survey. The results are in: 97% of residents rate the overall quality of life in North Cowichan as good or very good, 89% of residents are satisfied with the overall level and quality of services provided by North Cowichan, and 4 in 5 residents feel that they get good value for their tax dollars.

400 households were randomly selected and contacted by NRG National Research Group via telephone between May 29 and June 17. Results from this sample size are representative of North Cowichan’s entire adult population within a margin of error of +/- 4.9%, 19 times out of 20.

“To see such positive results and know that they represent our entire community is really, really heartening”, says Mayor Al Siebring. “These results, while very positive, also give us insight into the local issues that residents believe are most important, and we’ll be able to use this information going forward when we evaluate and reassess our priorities”. 

“We have a dedicated team of staff who work hard to deliver services to North Cowichan residents, and to see those efforts valued by the community that we serve is very rewarding,” says Ted Swabey, North Cowichan’s Chief Administrative Officer.

When asked about local issues most important to residents, the most commonly cited challenge facing the municipality was improving water quality (22%). Homelessness/drug addiction was the most commonly mentioned subject when asked what local leaders should focus on (17%). And when asked about their favourite thing about North Cowichan, parks/green space/natural beauty was significantly the most frequent response (48%).

The results from the Citizen Satisfaction Survey will serve as a baseline and comparison for future survey results, and Council and staff will use this data to identify improvements and re-evaluate community priorities. A detailed summary of the survey results can be found on our website, here: Summary of 2019 Citizen Satisfaction Survey Results

Please note: the statistcially valid telephone survey results summarized above have been kept separate from the open-link online version of the survey, as the results of the online survey were not obtained via random sampling and may not be representative. A separate summary of the online survey results can be found here: Online Survey Results

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For more information, please contact:
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Municipality of North Cowichan
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