Testing of North Cowichan’s Drinking Water Verifies Quality and Safety

(North Cowichan, BC) A recent study by Ryerson University in Ontario uncovered unacceptably high levels of lead in drinking water across many municipalities in that province.  As a result, the issue of lead in drinking water has become a topic of discussion across Canada.

While there may be some concern in other communities, there is no cause for concern in North Cowichan. North Cowichan has three water systems; one in Crofton, another in Chemainus, and our largest system in the South End.  Each system is tested quarterly for water quality and safety and water quality reports are published every year dating back to 2014.

Mayor Al Siebring says each system is sampled for metals 4 times per year and “we have never exceeded the Canadian Drinking Water Standard for lead going back to 2009.  Anyone concerned about lead in our water can rest assured that our water is safe and we monitor our systems closely.”

However, Siebring also noted that “while the water tested in our systems is verifiably safe, water in residents’ homes could test differently depending on the makeup of pipes, soldering materials, and fittings in their home. If any of these items contain lead, there is always a possibility that residents could have higher traces of lead in their household supply, but that would have nothing to do with the quality of the water we supply to them.”


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