North Cowichan Working to Relocate Joint Utilities Board Sewage Outfall From Cowichan River

(North Cowichan, BC) – North Cowichan has been working on behalf of the Joint Utilities Board (JUB) to relocate the existing sewage outfall from the Cowichan River to a more suitable deep-water location. The JUB Sewage Treatment Plant is a hybrid secondary/tertiary treatment plant that treats wastewater from North Cowichan, Duncan, Cowichan Bay, Eagle Heights, and Cowichan Tribes. It is located on Cowichan Tribes’ lands near Duncan and is operated by North Cowichan on behalf of its users.

Over the past few years, North Cowichan has carried out extensive research and studies, and consulted with First Nations to identify a proposed new outfall location in Cowichan Bay.  Now, the preferred route for the pipe that will carry treated effluent from the treatment plant to the outfall must be determined. This decision will be based on many factors: environmental, archaeological and cultural studies; ongoing consultations with local First Nations, engagement with stakeholder groups and the public; and assessments of the relative cost and the feasibility of potential routes.

“Now that a likely location for the new outfall has been determined, the next task is to identify the preferred land and marine routes for the pipe from the Sewage Treatment Plant to the new outfall, and we’re asking the community to help us do that,” said Mayor Al Siebring. “There are multiple land and marine routes for consideration, and public input will help decide which one is preferable,” he concluded.

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Municipality of North Cowichan
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