Notice to Electors of an Alternative Approval Process – New RCMP Facility

Notice is hereby given to advise electors in the Municipality of North Cowichan of the  intention to adopt “North Cowichan / Duncan Integrated RCMP Facility Loan Authorization Bylaw No. 3787, 2020”. The purpose of the bylaw is to borrow an amount, not to exceed $48,000,000 (48 Million Dollars), to finance the cost to construct a new North Cowichan Integrated Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) facility located on the corner of Drinkwater and Ford Roads that will be repaid over a period not to exceed 20 (twenty) years. It is estimated that  the borrowing will result in a tax increase for the average residential property of $71 per year.

The Council proposes to borrow the money and undertake the construction of the new RCMP facility unless, by the deadline, at least 10 percent of the electors in the whole of the Municipality of North Cowichan sign an “Elector Response” opposing the borrowing, indicating that Council must obtain the assent of the electors (referendum) before proceeding. For the purpose of conducting this elector response opportunity, the number of eligible electors is determined to be 26,916. A report respecting the basis on which this determination was made is available upon request. If less than 10% (2,692) of eligible electors sign and submit an Elector Response Form by the deadline, Council may proceed to adopt Bylaw No. 3787, 2020. If 2,692 or more electors return signed Elector Response Forms by the deadline, the Bylaw cannot be adopted without obtaining the assent of the electors. 

Please visit the New RCMP Facility webpage to learn more about the project and how you can participate in the Alternative Approval Process. The New RCMP Facility webpage includes a copy of the bylaw, staff reports and the Elector Response Form. 

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Notice to Electors of an Alternative Approval Process
Elector Response Form
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