We’re Listening! Survey on the future of Community Engagement in North Cowichan Launches Today

(North Cowichan, BC) – As part of a project to create a new Community Engagement Framework and Policy, North Cowichan has launched a survey to collect resident feedback on current engagement practices.

The goals of the framework and policy are to create a clear approach to meaningful community engagement, clarify how community input can influence the municipal decision-making process, and provide tools for staff and Council to evaluate and continually improve how community engagement is done in North Cowichan. To help guide staff and the consultant as they undertake this project, a Public Engagement Committee was struck in July. Mayor Siebring, Councillor Sawrie, and Councillor Douglas were appointed to the Committee by Council.

 “I look forward to hearing valuable feedback from those folks who have engaged with us in the past, as well as those we don’t often hear from. Through this survey, we hope to find out how the community wants to be engaged so we can use that insight as we plan future engagements,” said Mayor Siebring. “It is deeply important to us to have community input into this project early on so that the finished product reflects the values and needs of our unique community and Council. I am very excited that we are embarking on this journey to listen and learn from the residents of North Cowichan so we can strive to deliver better engagement opportunities.”

 Help shape the future of community engagement in North Cowichan by taking our short survey, available on our website: www.northcowichan.ca/engage. The survey is open until October 15, 2020.




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