Notice of Proposed Property Disposition and Assistance

Pursuant to sections 24, 26 and 94 of the Community Charter, North Cowichan gives notice that it intends to (1) dispose of property at 2431 Beverly Street by way of lease to the Cowichan Green Community Society (CGCS) for use as a garden education center, a seed farm, Seed Incubation Pilot Program, and related activities, an office, board room, and training area, rental of kitchen and building space for local food processing and storage, the production, processing, packaging, and storage, and ancillary retail of agricultural products grown on the Subject Property and within the Cowichan region, and construction and operation of a “Food Processing and Innovation Hub”, which is a shared-use food and beverage processing facility that offers food and agriculture businesses access to commercial processing space, equipment, expertise and resources to support business development and growth; and (2) provide assistance to the CGCS by disposing of the Subject Property for less than market value.

Notice of Proposed Property Disposition for 2431 Beverly Street