Proof of vaccination required at Cowichan Aquatic Centre

Effective Wednesday, December 1, 2021, proof of vaccination (POV) will be required for all Cowichan Aquatic Centre attendees age 12 and up, including pool patrons.

Pool patrons are not identified in the PHO order as requiring POV, however due to the complicated logistics of the facility design, and the operational need to have a staff member check both POV and government ID (for those 19 and up) for pool users, spectators, fitness class participants, and gym users, POV will be implemented for all visitors attending the Cowichan Aquatic Centre through a single check-in location (a greeter table in the lobby).

Island Health has stipulated that an “honour system” is not meeting the requirements of the PHO order and as a result it cannot be used to ensure patrons are, for example, checking into the pool without POV, and then going to gym where a POV is required. Additionally, Island Health has stated that we are required to prevent users from accessing the facility without POV if they are going into the fitness area, spectating, or attending dryland classes.

As a result, to meet the requirements under current health mandates, we have instituted the requirement for all Cowichan Aquatic Centre patrons to provide POV upon entry starting December 1, 2021.

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