Dec. 27, 5pm flood update

Evacuation alert for flood-prone areas extended

(North Cowichan, BC) – As of December 27 at 5pm, the evacuation alert issued for properties near the Chemainus River is being extended, and will be reassessed tomorrow (December 28) morning.

Heavy rain, coupled with snow melt and king tide events, led to localized flooding and road closures near Pinson’s Corner (the corner of Chemainus Road at Crofton Road). River levels dropped last night, allowing the road to reopen earlier this morning (December 27). However water gauges on the Chemainus River show a steady increase in water volume today and are now nearing levels that impact roads. Continued rain is forecast until midnight, with another king tide forecast for Wednesday morning.

Residents can be prepared for flood events by ensuring storm drains near their property is cleared of snow or leaves, and check your home’s eaves and downspouts to ensure water drains properly. Localized flooding can be expected during heavy rain events. Never drive through a flooded road, even if signs are not yet in place.

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Evacuation alert issued December 26, 2022, 14:30:

High water levels are expected near rivers and coastal areas due to melting snow, increased river flows and storm surges at high tide. Because of the potential danger to life and health, this evacuation alert is in effect for:

  • Chemainus Road – East of Halalt First Nations and South of Ashcroft Road
  • Crofton Road – North of Tsussie Road
  • Swallowfield Road
  • Amos Road – South of Ashcroft Road

This effects the following addresses:

8614 Amos Road 

8421 Chemainus Road 

8674 Amos Road 

8530 Chemainus Road 

8702 Amos Road 

8536 Chemainus Road

8708 Amos Road

8551 Chemainus Road 

8726 Amos Road 

8567 Chemainus Road 

8740 Amos Road 

8586 Chemainus Road 

8243 Chemainus Road 

8619 Chemainus Road 

8282 Chemainus Road 

 8976 Chemainus Road

8299 Chemainus Road 

 8865 Crofton Road

8317 Chemainus Road 

8913 Crofton Road 

8335 Chemainus Road 

 8935 Crofton Road

8336 Chemainus Road 

8943 Crofton Road 

8348 Chemainus Road 

 8975 Crofton Road

8360 Chemainus Road 

9023 Crofton Road 

8377 Chemainus Road 

8635 Swallowfield Road 

8421 Chemainus Road 

8659 Swallowfield Road 

See the map of the area under Evacuation Alert: Dec. 26 2022 Evacuation Alert

An Evacuation Alert has been issued to these areas to ensure they make preparations to evacuate their premises or property should it be found necessary.

This area is not being asked to evacuate at this time.

Residents will be given as much advance notice as possible prior to evacuation; however they may receive limited notice due to changing conditions.


  • Locate all family members and designate a meeting area outside the evacuation area, should an Evacuation Order be called while separated.
  • Pre-pack essential items such as government-issued ID, medications, eyeglasses, valuable papers (e.g. insurance, credit, and mortgage information), immediate care needs for dependents and, if time and space permits, keepsakes for quick departure.
  • Prepare to move disabled persons, children and/or neighbours where additional assistance or time may be needed.
  • Prepare to take pets with you and move livestock to a safe area if possible.
  • Arrange transportation for all your household members. Fill the gas tanks of personal vehicles.
  • Plan alternate accommodations for all members of the residence, if
  • Wait for an Evacuation Order to be issued before evacuating.
  • Monitor local radio stations and Cowichan Alert for additional information.
  • If an evacuation order is announced, Reception Centres location will also be communicated.

Updates will be made available on radio and via


Media Contact:
Shawn Cator, Director of Operations
Municipality of North Cowichan