North Cowichan voters encouraged to choose YES to regional recreation referendum question

(North Cowichan, BC) – For decades, North Cowichan has been paying more than its share of regional recreation costs. At this October’s General Local Election, electors will be asked to vote on the Cowichan Valley Regional District’s (CVRD) new regional recreation funding model. If approved, the funding model would save the Municipality of North Cowichan $714,000 in recreation costs each year.

The CVRD and its municipal partners – including North Cowichan – have been trying to find an equitable funding model for recreation services in the Cowichan region for many years. This preferred model – based on facility usage data – has been identified and is what residents will be voting on this October.

Currently, there are nine "regionally significant recreation facilities" included, all of which are owned and operated by different jurisdictions, and funded inequitably by different taxpayers. For example, currently only a few jurisdictions pay for the Cowichan Community Centre, but residents from all jurisdictions in the region use the facility either a little or a lot. Under the new model, each jurisdiction would pay an amount based on how much the residents use the facility.

“It’s important to understand the overall positive impact this will have for the municipality,” said Mayor Al Siebring. “By voting yes, you will help to ensure North Cowichan begins paying a fair and equitable portion of regional recreation costs, while saving the municipality $714,000 each year.”

Different areas of the municipality currently contribute to different facilities, so the impact to North Cowichan property owners will vary based on location. For most North Cowichan residents, this could mean a property tax decrease of approximately $108.32*. Residents that live in the north part of the municipality (Crofton and Chemainus areas) could see a property tax increase of approximately $113.34*.

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*based on the average assessed home value of $659,724. 


Media Contact:
Al Siebring, Mayor
Municipality of North Cowichan