Notice of Advance Elector Registration, List of Registered Electors, Objection to Registration of Electors, Request to Obscure or Omit Personal Information

This notice is in regards to the October 2022 General Local Election.

PUBLIC NOTICE is given to the electors of the Municipality of North Cowichan that:

  • The close of advance registration for non-resident property electors is at 4:00 pm on Tuesday, August 23, 2022;
  • The List of Registered Electors will be made available for public inspection at the Municipal Hall beginning August 30, 2022 until the close of the election on October 15, 2022;
  • An elector may request that their address or other personal information about them be omitted from or obscured on the List of Registered Electors; and
  • An objection to the registration of a person whose name appears on the list of registered electors may be made in accordance with the Local Government Act until 4:00 pm on September 9, 2022.

Please click on the link below to view the full notice which also includes elector qualifications and how a resident elector may ensure that their name appears on the List of Registered Electors.

For further information on election matters, please visit our Elections webpage or contact:

Michelle Martineau, Chief Election Officer, or Tricia Mayea, Deputy Chief Election Officer
Phone: 250.746.3100