Changes to utility billing coming to North Cowichan households

(North Cowichan, BC) – North Cowichan property owners can expect a new utility bill in their mailboxes three times each year starting this May, and in September, and January. User fees for utilities - water, sewer, and curbside collection - are being removed from the annual property tax bill and changed to this more common billing model.

For homes that use beyond the flat rate charge for water, the excess water use charges will appear on the same bill. Households will only be billed for the services they receive, as some areas in North Cowichan receive all three services; curbside, water, and sewer, while other areas in the municipality are connected to the City of Duncan water system, or no municipal water and sewer system.

“When your first bill arrives this May, it’s important to know that the fees on the utility bill are not new or additional charges, but rather the user fees that were previously billed on your annual property tax bill,” said Talitha Soldera, General Manager of Corporate Services. “Your property tax bill, which is mailed in late May, will have fewer charges on them. Spreading the utility charges out over the year in three smaller bills will make them more affordable and households will have better information about their water usage, which can help to detect leaks sooner.”

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