Have your say on North Cowichan’s Accessibility Action Plan

(North Cowichan, BC) – North Cowichan is seeking input from the public on an updated Accessibility Action Plan. The plan identifies and works toward removing accessibility barriers related to municipal infrastructure, programs, services, and information.

People are encouraged to review the current Accessibility Action Plan and share any additional barriers they, or someone they care for, encounters when using North Cowichan facilities, public spaces, or when accessing services or information.

Visit connectnorthcowichan.ca/accessibilityplan to review the current plan, fill in a survey, or share a location on an interactive map.

“Improving accessibility is essential to being an inclusive community in which everyone has access to North Cowichan’s spaces and services,” said Mayor Rob Douglas. “We want to hear from people who have experienced barriers accessing our facilities, public spaces, and services, so we can ensure these barriers are identified and removed.”

Earlier this summer, North Cowichan formed an Accessibility Advisory Committee, made up of residents who have lived experience or accessibility challenges. The committee advises staff on strategies to improve accessibility and inclusivity of municipal services, programs, facilities, and other infrastructure.

Accessibility barriers include anything that prevents someone from fully participating in all aspects of society because of a physical, architectural, information or communication, attitudinal, technological, a policy or a practice barrier.

In 2021, the Province of British Columbia passed the Accessible BC Act, requiring all B.C. municipalities to develop an Accessibility Plan in consultation with an Accessibility Committee.

For more information, and to complete the survey or share a pin on the map, visit connectnorthcowichan.ca/accessibilityplan 

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