Share your knowledge as North Cowichan develops a snapshot of biodiversity

(North Cowichan, BC) – North Cowichan is developing a Biodiversity Protection Policy and is looking for input to help identify areas of significant ecological importance within the municipality. The Biodiversity Protection Policy will identify, quantify, and assess significant ecological assets, and the information will help to develop policies, goals, and monitoring programs to protect and restore these assets.

The first phase of the Biodiversity Protection Policy is to assess existing natural features and biodiversity by asking residents to share places and items of environmental importance on a StoryMap. This, along with analysis of field data and mapping, will help build a snapshot of the current state of North Cowichan’s biodiversity. Public input is key to better understand the current state of natural areas, and to learn about the areas of significant value to the community.

“We recognize many residents have a deep knowledge of their neighbourhoods and community,” said Dave Preikshot, Senior Environmental Specialist and project lead. “We look forward to hearing the ‘wheres’ and ‘whys’ about the places you value for nature and biodiversity, and the places you think need attention from the municipality.”

Biodiversity describes the richness of life in a place, often expressed as numbers, varieties, and uniqueness of plants and animals. Biodiversity is an important component of ecosystem health, and maintaining biodiversity helps an ecosystem to be resilient to change and to recover when stressed.

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