Official Community Plan

Logo for North Cowichan's Community Plan.


The Official Community Plan (OCP) is a tool for Council and citizens to manage change in our community. The OCP Bylaw 3900 was adopted on August 17, 2022, repealing and replacing the previous 2011 OCP.  Use the orange buttons on this page to download the OCP document, along with associated Maps, Local Area Plans and Comprehensive Development Plans. The maps can also be explored as layers in our online interactive mapping.

An OCP guides a wide range of land use and other municipal decisions, ensuring they are influenced by a comprehensive community vision. It informs all Municipal operations, services, programs, and development approvals. The OCP applies to the entire municipality and is the principal policy document that Council uses to make decisions on matters such as:

  • Growth Management & Land use
  • Layout & Design of the Built Environment
  • Streets & Transportation
  • Buildings & Landscape
  • Affordable Housing
  • Natural Environment
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Municipal Infrastructure
  • Social Infrastructure
  • Arts, Culture, & Heritage
  • Food Systems
  • Economic Development

OCP Maps