Sign Permit

Permit application for a sign

A Sign Permit is mandatory for any sign that is erected or displayed in compliance with Sign Bylaw No. 3479. Proposed signage for industrial, commercial, or multi-family projects may necessitate a Development Permit, which will be determined through the application review and referral process.

Step 1: Plan your location

It is mandatory to submit a completed Planning Compliance form with every building permit application. Development permit areas (DPAs), Agriculture Land Designation (ALR) regulations, zoning bylaw regulations, and charges on title all play crucial roles and can significantly impact the proposed signage. Proper consideration of these elements is essential for any project to ensure legal adherence, environmental responsibility, and the overall success of the project.

Step 2: Design your project

Applicants are to follow the checklist below before submitting an application. This checklist is intended to provide applicants with the minimum requirements for a sign permit application. The supporting documents must be submitted with the application to be accepted and approved.

Step 3: Digital submission 

Step 4: Building permit fees 

Once a building permit has been approved a fee slip will be provided for payment. 

Step 5: Site inspection

It is the responsibility of the applicant/owner to contact the Building Department to arrange a site visit to confirm placement of the sign(s) meet the requirements of the approved permit and obtain Final Approval. Please call the Building Inspection Booking Line at 250-746-3102 to request an inspection.

Important information about permits

Inspections are required at various stages of your project.  Some projects may require both a development permit and a building permit. If you are unsure, please contact the Building Department to ensure you have all the necessary paperwork before proceeding.

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