Bylaw Services

Bylaw Services helps support public safety and compliance with municipal bylaws and foster a safe, healthy, and respectful community. Bylaw Compliance Officers identify, investigate, mediate and resolve bylaw violations and provide enforcement services to all communities within North Cowichan, with the guidance of the Bylaw Compliance and Enforcement Policy (PDF). Their goal is compliance with bylaws through public education and awareness, while protecting the rights of residents. Bylaw Compliance Officers will work with those willing to correct infractions however officers have a range of tools to ensure compliance ranging from issuing tickets to obtaining court orders and injunctions. The majority of the bylaws are enforced on a complaint only basis.

Report a violation

If your complaint concerns a neighbour, it is recommended that you attempt to resolve the issue before contacting Bylaw Services for assistance.

Report a bylaw violation

  • By phone: 250-746-3108

Complaints must include your name, address, phone number and relationship to the property or individual that you’re making the complaint about. This information is strictly confidential and won’t be released to anyone without your consent, or if required in a court of law through due process. Incomplete forms and anonymous complaints will not be considered.

Pay a ticket

View multiple ways to pay your Bylaw Offence Notice or Municipal Ticket.

Dispute a ticket

For information on disputing a ticket, visit Tickets and Notices