Actions to date

In  2018, a  water quality sampling program was completed by Dr. Dave Preikshot and Madrone Environmental on Quamichan Lake.  The results were presented at the July 17, 2019 Council meeting where Council unanimously agreed to take further action toward improving the health of the lake.

A copy of Dr. Preikshots report can be found by clicking the following link  "Management Options and Monitoring Programs for Persistent Blue-Green Algae Blooms in Quamichan Lake"  [PDF - 23 MB] 

In 2022, a study of the sediment at the bottom of Quamichan Lake was completed by Limnological Solutions International. The sample results confirmed that majority of the phosphorous load in the lake is within the sediment. This study provided deeper insight into the potential methods to improve the water quality in Quamichan Lake. Such as; adding a phosphorous binder to lake sediment, reducing phosphorous in tributaries and discourage the public from feeding waterfowl.

A copy of the report can be found by clicking the following link “Lake Quamichan Overview of Water and Sediment Quality and Recommendations [PDF - 10 MB]

Staff have also completed the following:

  • Sampled and analyzed various water quality parameters and phytoplankton species, from 2020-Present, in order to develop strategic recommendations to improve conditions in the lake.
  • Removed zeolite traps from tributary streams and ditches when study results indicated insufficient nutrients removal.
  • Installed permanent signage at all public access points warning the public of the ongoing potential for Blue-Green algae blooms.
  • Inspected the outlet of the lake annually since 2017 to ensure no blockages are present.
  • Updated neighboring governments, stakeholders and the Quamichan Lake Water Quality Task Force on progress to date.