Background Information and Reports

In response to a toxic cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) bloom that occurred in the summer of 2016, North Cowichan established the Quamichan Lake Water Quality Task Force. The Task Force was composed of concerned residents, neighboring local government representatives as well as local and provincial experts specializing in lake health. The group was asked to recommend treatment strategies in order to improve water quality in the lake. 

After a lot of research, the task force produced a report to the Mayor and Council  recommending that North Cowichan:

  1. Implement a water quality monitoring program
  2. Inspect the outflow of the lake annually
  3. Provide a report to Council on how to establish a program to manage and reduce nutrient loading into the lake. 
  4. Install permanent signage at the public access points to the lake to advise the public of the potential for toxic cyanobacteria blooms.

Relevant reports and information