Firearms Bylaw

Discharging firearms in North Cowichan

Discharging of firearms may only take place within designated areas of North Cowichan with certain restrictions as per the Firearms Bylaw. All Provincial hunting restrictions and regulations must also be followed. For more information about hunting and trapping in British Columbia, please visit the Hunting and Trapping Regulations website.

The Farm Practices Protection (Right To Farm) Act exempts the owner or operator of a farm conducting normal farm practices from the North Cowichan Firearms Bylaw. The registered BC Assessment Class 9 Farms within North Cowichan are included in the Firearms Bylaw interactive map. Updates to the Firearms Bylaw interactive map will be made periodically to account for any changes to Class 9 farm status. Please refer to Part 2, 3(a) of the Farm Practices Protection (Right To Farm) Act for more information.

An interactive mapping tool has been developed to show areas within North Cowichan that permit the discharge of firearms as per the Firearms Bylaw. View the interactive webmap

To report a conflict with wildlife that threatens public safety or suspected poaching activity, please call 1-877-952-7277.