Osborne Bay Water Reservoir

The developer of the Commons at Osborne Bay intends to move forward with constructing a water storage reservoir that will provide fire protection and increased water pressure for the subdivision and the surrounding area.

The reservoir will be located within the municipal forest reserve a short distance up the main access road on Maple Mountain, up from the parking lot off of Osborne Bay Road.

Map highlighting proposed project area.
Council approval of project in writing.

On December 4, 2019 (see above) and a contribution commitment of $700,000 funded through gas tax funding has been set aside for this purpose. The reservoir will:

  • Provide the needed fire protection for the project and the surrounding area;
  • Allow for expansion and increased water pressures to correct an existing situation with the reservoir at the end of Chilco Road;
  • Enable the decommissioning of an older reservoir in the area;
  • Strengthen the backup water supply to Crofton; and
  • Provide additional water storage, including fire-fighting capability for the municipal forest reserve.

Work Involved

The reservoir is expected to be constructed at a site near a recent blowdown area, close to where Story Trail joins M100 and transitions across to Xylem Trail. The reservoir will be concrete and approximately 5 metres high (16feet). The site will require the removal of approximately five to six logging truck-loads of timber.

The pipeline will be constructed primarily along existing Maple Mountain mainline forestry road, with minimal impact to adjacent areas.


February 2022: The developer will perform a geotechnical investigation along the Maple Mountain mainline forestry road route and at the site.

June 2022: Expected start of construction, subject to design and construction approvals. The work timeframe will take into consideration of any applicable Wildfire Act & Regulation requirements. Construction is expected to take approximately six to eight months.

Public Information and Safety

Trail users are asked to use extreme caution, obey all signage and follow flag person instructions. Anticipate that during construction Maple Mountain Mainline will be closed between the start of Loggers Lane/Story Trail and Xylem. Additionally, the developer will put up site signage including directional prior to any construction activity to direct trail users to detour trails. 

For more information

David Conway, Director, Engineering Projects, Engineering

david.conway@northcowichan.ca | 250-746-3136