Mountain Access




Please be aware that heavy equipment will be present on the Mount Prevost Mainline and the access road to the Cairn.  Please drive slow and be prepared to move off the road, or back-up to an area to allow for safe passing.




All trails remain open presently. 

Only ride/hike/travel with those you live with

and in the community you live in.

Maintain 2m safe social distance!

Bike Wash Stations are closed - plan ahead!


Weekend Access - Mount Tzouhalem's Kaspa Parking lot & Maple Mountain’s Osborne Bay Road Parking Lot

Active monitoring and controls will be in place to ensure that social distancing is maintained and parking capacity is not exceeded

Expected delays to gain access to parking lot or to be turned around.



North Cowichan is home to a rich mix of flow, downhill, gravel and cross country trails for mountain biking mixed in with a myriad of hiking trails taking you to amazing vistas and vantage points among our Forest Reserves.

Our key hiking and mountain biking destinations include Maple Mountain, Mount Tzouhalem and Mount Prevost.  Combine this with additional hiking and equestrian opportunities possible on Mount Richards and we have opportunities close to all residents.


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Mountain Permitted Uses Description
Maple Mountain Hiking, Mountain Biking, Equestrian Located between Maple Bay and Crofton, Maple Mountain is a rich mountain for hiking, biking and equestrian.  Great sanctioned trails and awesome vistas of the area.
Mount Tzouhalem Hiking, Mountain Biking Looking east from Duncan, Mount Tzouhalem (The "Tzou") is the landmark which offers trails to the Cross, vistas overlooking Cowichan Bay and a myriad of mountain biking and hiking trails. 
Mount Richards Hiking, Equestrian Found across the road from the main access to Maple Mountain off of Osborne Bay Road.  Mount Richards is home to great access for hikers and equestrian.
Mount Prevost Hiking, Downhill Mountain Biking Mount Prevost, rising out of the western viewscape in the Cowichan Valley, is home to another cross and is destined to be our hiking and downhill mountain biking home.

North Cowichan has released a trails app (currently for iOS only) that includes all forestry roads and sanctioned trails for hiking or mountain biking.  Currently we are only featuring Maple Mountain on it but it will be expanding to include Mount Tzouhalem in early 2019 and the rest of the forest reserve in future years.

With the app you can...
- geo locate yourself on the mountain
- identify which trails are for hiking, biking or equine
- trail descriptions, elevations and rental

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We are working on sanctioning trails (gps tracked, inspected and maintained) on a mountain by mountain basis.  With that sanctioning, comes the posting of geo-referenced maps for each forest reserve.  Timeline wise, we are approving Maple Mountainin in 2017, while we develop our wayfinding standards and test it in the field.  Our future years are planned out as follows:

  • 2019 - Mount Tzouhalem
  • 2020 - Mount Prevost
  • 2021 - Mount Richards

As a result, maps with sanctioned trails will only become available on a mountain by mountain basis as we move through and work on each mountains trail network.

Maps are available below for printing or uploading to an app that uses the geo-reference information.  A common app being used is Avenza, which is downloadable via the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store for your smartphone.

Mountain Geo Referenced Map Download Link Original Maps
Maple Mountain printable and geo referenced map  [PDF - 252 KB]  
Mount Tzouhalem  To be released in 2019 Click here [PDF - 463 KB]
Mount Prevost To be released in 2020 Click here [PDF - 1.1 MB]
Mount Richards  To be released in 2021 Click here [PDF - 1.1 MB]
Mount Sicker Currently not planned mount sicker.pdf [PDF - 1.2 MB]

Also find, online only, our old brochures for each of the mountain Forest Reserves along with Grace Road (along Chemainus River):

Grace Road
Mount Tzouhalem
Mount Sicker
Mount Prevost