Maple Bay Road near Kingsview

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Phase 2: Kingsview roundabout


Kingsview and Maple Bay Road


May 2024 for 4-5 months

Project led by

Windley Contracting Ltd.


Construction of a roundabout at Kingsview and Maple Bay Road that will improve the flow and safety of traffic in this area. 

The construction of a roundabout in this location is part of the Kingsview Comprehensive Development Plan, which informs transportation management relating to the project, including planning for vehicles and active transportation and pathways. 

What you need to know:
  • Starting July 2, There will be no through traffic permitted on Maple Bay Road between Kingsview Road and Highwood Drive. Kingsview Road will be closed at Maple Bay Road. Detours are available:
    • From northbound Maple Bay Road: via existing bypass connection east to Kingsview Rd and on to Donnay Dr
    • From southbound Maple Bay Road: via Highwood Dr, east to Donnay Dr
    • From westbound Kingsview Road: north via Donnay Dr or south via the existing bypass to Maple Bay Rd
  • Detours and traffic management are in place including speed restrictions. Please follow speed limit signs and instructions from flaggers.
  • Expect minor delays and interruptions to traffic in the area.