Affordable Housing

North Cowichan Draft Affordable Housing Policy & Implementation Plan

North Cowichan is developing an Affordable Housing Policy and Implementation Plan. In summer 2023, people were invited to provide comments and complete a short survey. The feedback heard will be used to inform priorities and next steps. Please visit to learn more.

Our Vision for Affordable Housing

As part of our commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive community, the 2022new Official Community Plan (OCP) for 2022 has outlinesd several policies and objectives to support affordable housing in North Cowichan. The Municipality of North Cowichan envisions a community where all residents have access to a variety of safe, secure, and affordable housing options. We aim to provide a balanced housing supply, including rental and ownership opportunities, to accommodate the diverse needs of our growing population.

Key Policies and Objectives

The new 2022 OCP has outlined several key policies and objectives to support affordable housing in North Cowichan:

  • Promote diverse housing options: Encourage a mix of housing types and tenures, including single-family homes, townhouses, apartments, and secondary suites, to meet the needs of different household sizes, incomes, and life stages.
  • Support affordable housing development: Work with developers, non-profit organizations, and senior governments to facilitate the creation of new affordable housing units, including rental, supportive, and subsidized housing.
  • Preserve and enhance existing affordable housing: Identify opportunities to preserve and improve existing affordable housing stock, such as through energy retrofits and accessibility improvements.
  • Incentivize affordable housing: Offer incentives, such as density bonuses and reduced parking requirements, to developers who provide affordable housing units or contribute to an affordable housing reserve fund.
  • Encourage the use of innovative housing forms: Support innovative housing forms, such as co-housing, tiny homes, and modular housing, to increase the diversity of affordable housing options.
  • Address homelessness: Collaborate with local agencies and organizations to develop and implement strategies to prevent and address homelessness in North Cowichan.
  • Monitor and evaluate housing needs: Regularly review and update the Municipality's housing needs assessment to inform and guide housing policy and decision-making.

Resources for Affordable Housing

To support our residents in finding and maintaining affordable housing, we have compiled a list of resources and programs available within the Municipality of North Cowichan and beyond:

  • BC Housing: Provides information on affordable housing programs and resources, including rental assistance and supportive housing options.
  • Cowichan Housing Association: Offers resources and support for affordable housing initiatives in the Cowichan Valley.

For more information on the Municipality of North Cowichan's affordable housing policies and initiatives, please refer to the 2022 Official Community Plan.

If you have any questions or require assistance, please Community Planning at