Council Strategic Plan

On March 6, 2019, Council adopted the 2019-2022 Council Strategic Plan. This Strategic Plan establishes a clear vision and multi-year plan for North Cowichan Council. The Plan outlines Council's six strategic priorities, which will serve as a frame of reference to support Council in maintaining a line of sight to what they hope to achieve by their term's end in 2022. By continuously cosidering alignment with the Plan in their collective decision-making and in providing direction to staff, Council will facilitate its own effectiveness.

In addition to supporting Council effectiveness, the Council Strategic Plan provides clear direction to staff on how they are expected to support the vision and goals of this Council and will serve as a critical foundation for staff decision-making in relation to budgeting, annual work and project planning, workforce planning, performance measurement and performance management.

Read the full 2019-2022 Strategic Plan here:

Quarterly Updates: